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Women In Animation Launches Mentoring Pilot Program


via AWN

Women In Animation, the professional, non-profit organization for women involved in all aspects of the animation industry, has announced the launch of a professional mentoring program. Designed to empower, educate and support mentees by increasing their industry knowledge and access to information through relationships with experienced animation talent, the WIA mentoring program is open to WIA members in the greater Los Angeles area for its initial run.

The WIA mentoring pilot program is scheduled to run for six months, from October 2014 through March 2015. Based on the outcome of the pilot program, WIA hopes to expand the program to offer mentorships in an ongoing basis in Los Angeles as well as within other participating WIA chapters around the world.



Eerie, beautiful, captivating images of sea urchins mating and being born (that little triangle guy is a baby sea urchin).

These are a glimpse of how life begins in the deep ocean — and there’s a lot of life down there. The oceans provide about 190 times as much living space as every other space on Earth — soil, air and fresh water — put together. A vast array of amazing creatures live in the depths of this watery world. Squid, jellyfish, and plankton are just a few of our favorites (all shown as tiny babies in that last gif).

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I’m strongly urchin you to fall in love with echinoderms. Such superb sea symmetry.


Tuesday Tips - Life Drawing Exercise: CONTOUR LINE

One of the most straight forward tip I have about Life Drawing. It kind of goes against what most life drawing instructors will tell you. The first thing you’ll hear is “Draw from the inside.” A contour line on a figure drawing is about the most superficial way to approach it BUT, it will help you tremendously at finding a clear silhouette. By the way, no one says you can’t slightly alter the silhouette you are looking at. If there’s a way to make it clearer or make a better statement, go for it. Drawing is about making decisions, not just copying what you’re seeing. The same way other techniques will help understand how the body functions, using a contour line as an exercise will help you find proportions, angles of the body and general appeal in your posing.



Gonna try this again…lols. I cut pricing down!!! I really, really could use money this month as I am not getting paid till the end of this month and I have bills to pay! And I am practically broke right now… meaning I don’t have money for groceries either. :U hehehe… SO ANYTHING HELPS REALLY, EVEN A REPOST FOR REALS. 

I will draw ANYTHING. NO LIMITS. Except maybe mechs and stuff only because I suck at them and don’t want you to be dissapointed. lols. Everything will be paid via paypal. 

…please help me. :c 



A superb fuck-ton of clothing references.

Obviously two of the images are too large to see on tumblr (because tumblr’s an asshole, sometimes), so simply reverse-image search ‘em and click on the largest size. The one on the left is quite helpful for cloth in general, and the one on the right is just for creating lace.

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